misc. catching up

what do you mean i get my mustache from mom?

what makes you think i ate it?

everything in moderation. 'cept chocolate.

going for a ride on a fire engine.

conor captured the true rapture brought only by balloons.

surveying the trains

mesmerized by the trains

sneaking up on that hill

so much work.

what's a "shag" and why is it funny?

clawing his way to the top

nice mommies don't take pictures when their kid falls down a hill.

entitled "I will KICK yer..."

oh, mom. seriously.

3 eraser clappers:

Norma Shineynickels said...

I love V's outfit and hair in these pictures. She's turning into a little person! Gah. So's Finn though, so I don't know which is scarier.

Melliferous Pants said...

Too precious, especially the mustache photos!

poopsy said...

what can i say? she got her mama's dark hair. poor child.


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