1) When Violet becomes frustrated or confused she says "OH NO! What should I doooo?"

2) Finnegan says "No" now. Very sincerely, with a head shake for good measure. It thus far has never bothered me when either child says no. I think it is impossibly cute.

3) Conversations with Finnegan:

Finn: Mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama

Mama: Yes, Finnegan???!!

Finn: Hi, Mama.

4) Things Violet has apparently picked up from TV

"Great Job, Mama!" (making dinner or whatnot)
"Great counting, everybody"

5) I brought Violet home some underpants. Her response? "Oh thanks, Mama! Thanks a lot. They're so beauuuutiful. Beautiful socks."

6) When Violet becomes upset, she often asks for a pot (to throw up in). Which comes out like this "Need pot." To which Conor responds, "Yeah, me too, Violet." Violet doesn't actually then throw up in the pot. She spits in it, and then demands it be removed from her presence. Conor tried to pass off a bowl on her. To which she responded "That's a bowl." She's picky about where she spits I guess.


brief conversations with violet

Mama: Violet, I love you.

Violet: I love toast.


potty stuffs

goes right through ya

hi, mama


discovering static electricity

don't mind my blue forehead




a little bit of this...a little bit of that (a la fiddler on the roof)

BAM! says finnegan

too many cooks, they say...



not enough flour in my ear.



today the children are covered in red and green marker, with a little pen ink thrown in.

i heard violet hooting "it's a snowstorm, it's a snowstorm!" only to turn to see her dancing in my cluster stuff poly-fill.

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