Violet's favorite instrument is now the BANJO. The banjo. Makes for some very festive ho-downs round these parts. We went through 3 toll booths the other day blasting "I'll Fly Away" a la Oh Brother, Where Art Thou. The first thing you get over as a parent (other than an aversion to other people's bodily fluids) is the tendency to be mortified. As I would have been, had I not had children. In fact, you can use the children as tiny scapegoats for guilty pleasures in music choices.

lessons in cause and effect

a little bit o' fin-gin

Little Drummer Boy

forgive my singing. i have the sickness. oh yes...also, i don't sing.

Snuggly TV

1) If a person can be fast asleep, the alternative is to be fast awake, right?

2) Set the scene: Finn awakens in the night before Conor and I have gone to bed. Unhappy at this inconvenient occurrence, he begins to wail. Conor goes to comfort him. I listen on the monitor: AAAAHHHH! AAAAAAH!!!! AHAHAHAHAAAAAAHAAAAAA!!!!!! etc. I climb the stairs......AAAAAHHHH!!!! AHAAAHAAA! Conor hands him over to me....AA.....mmmm, snort, snuggle, zzzzzz.......

It takes a village to make a pie



Things 'bout the kids

1) Finnegan L O V E S pandas. Don't know why. Loves 'em. Pretty fond of owls too.

2) Violet has 2 favorite songs. a) Morning Has Broken (a la Cat Stevens) and b) Puff the Magic Dragon. By "favorite songs" I mean we currently listen to 2 songs in the car. When one is over, it must be immediately restarted.

3) I gave Violet a piece of Reese's Peanut Butter cup the other day. She took it in her little fingers. Looked at it. Looked at me. Looked at it. Looked at me. And asked "poopies?"

4) Speaking of poopies. She has always called Winnie the Pooh "Poop", but then we got a potty with Pooh and Tigger on it. She's now convinced that somehow "Poopie Bear" has something to do with bathroom habits.

5) We're currently big on the alphabet around here. Well on our way toward mastering the capital/lowercase quandry.


Apparently, tricycles RAWK!

Wheeeee....I'm Threeeee

Worst Rendition of Happy Birthday Ever.


You say we go door to door and they give me CANDY??

argh matey, i'm painfully cute.

checking the loot

fun but freezing.


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