brief conversations with Violet

On the phone:

-Hi, Sarah
--Hi, Violet
-Talkin' bout a yo yo. Talkin' bout a record player.
(end conversation)

I noticed today that everytime I would come in the room, she would say "DUMP TRUCK!" Which is a little more like "bump truck, or pump truck". So I asked her if I was the Dump Truck. She laid this out for me:

Daddy: Blue truck
Mama: Dump truck
Shepherd: Bulldozer
Finnegan: Cement mixer (which she totally mangles, but I figured it out)
and Violet? I asked, "And what are you, Violet?" I'm a STEAM ROLLER! No kidding, kid.


I thought I was pretty clever making chocolate milk in an opaque cup. Violet walked right up to me and said "Chocolate." Not a question. More like a demand. She could smell it. She's now polishing off the glass.


Violet is turning on the lamp saying "THE SUN" , turning off the lamp saying "THE MOON, AND THE STARS!" repeat ad infinitum


gotta cut back on the tv

Violet has entire conversations with herself in TV lingo. These will likely only be familiar to those with an intimate knowledge of preschool television. Today's selections:

"A clue! A clue! What? You see a clue? Where? Right heeeere on my pants! You see a clue on my pants?"

As a reaction to a broken toy:

"Oh no, it's broken. We need the Mouseketools. Oh Tooooodles! Oh TOOOODLES!!!"

Then, this evening she said to me:

"Whatchoo talkin' bout mama?" Though I'm pretty sure she's never seen Different Strokes.



brief converations with Finnegan

As we rocked to sleep this evening:

Mama: You are my sunshiiiiine

Finnegan: nooooooo.



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