gotta cut back on the tv

Violet has entire conversations with herself in TV lingo. These will likely only be familiar to those with an intimate knowledge of preschool television. Today's selections:

"A clue! A clue! What? You see a clue? Where? Right heeeere on my pants! You see a clue on my pants?"

As a reaction to a broken toy:

"Oh no, it's broken. We need the Mouseketools. Oh Tooooodles! Oh TOOOODLES!!!"

Then, this evening she said to me:

"Whatchoo talkin' bout mama?" Though I'm pretty sure she's never seen Different Strokes.

3 eraser clappers:

Ann said...

man, your kids can always make me laugh!!! :) I love it.

Do you have the book, "3 singing pigs"? or something like that, I don't know if that is the name...anyway, it says

"a cow says moo, a sheep says baaaa, 3 singing pigs say lalala"

Anyime hayden want to say no about something she says, "No, no, you say, that isn't right! a pig says oink! all day and night!!"

and sometimes she will substitute pig for elliott..."elliott says, waaa all day and night!"

those kids....so funny... :)

electric boogaloo said...

yes we do. it's "moo, baa, la la la"

That's great! what a fun way to say no. i like kids more and more, i swear. they're so much fun.

Anonymous said...

yeah, we have moo, baa, la la la too. love it.

i love violet. she is too freakin' cute. we got this last night:

Eric: "Hailey, it's time for bed".

Hailey: "No. Not yet. Not tonight."

I bust out laughing at that.


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