1) When Violet becomes frustrated or confused she says "OH NO! What should I doooo?"

2) Finnegan says "No" now. Very sincerely, with a head shake for good measure. It thus far has never bothered me when either child says no. I think it is impossibly cute.

3) Conversations with Finnegan:

Finn: Mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama

Mama: Yes, Finnegan???!!

Finn: Hi, Mama.

4) Things Violet has apparently picked up from TV

"Great Job, Mama!" (making dinner or whatnot)
"Great counting, everybody"

5) I brought Violet home some underpants. Her response? "Oh thanks, Mama! Thanks a lot. They're so beauuuutiful. Beautiful socks."

6) When Violet becomes upset, she often asks for a pot (to throw up in). Which comes out like this "Need pot." To which Conor responds, "Yeah, me too, Violet." Violet doesn't actually then throw up in the pot. She spits in it, and then demands it be removed from her presence. Conor tried to pass off a bowl on her. To which she responded "That's a bowl." She's picky about where she spits I guess.

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Ann said...

HILARIOUS!! I just read this post to Jim and he was cracking up! :) He also really likes the name Finnegan. So, funny I've always loved it but I never thought Jim would.

Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

You have me rolling on the floor. Especially with #6.

We've got these two things:

From the monitor, on a daily basis I hear some imaginary play going on with certain stuffed animals and usually one or the other ends up saying, "Ohhh, that's grrreeeeeaaaat." We're still not sure what's so great.

The other thing is, "Hey (insert name here), lookachoooooo!". She got the "look at you" thing from me, I think.

electric boogaloo said...

Ann - I'm glad the insane quirkiness could brighten your day!

Blogging Mama - HAHAHA...I was going to abbreviate your name and then I realized it would be BM. I'm apparently 10 years old. Anyway. Don't you wonder what is going on in those tiny crazy brains of theirs??

kristi said...

I agree with the cuteness of the toddler "no". G.G. says this a lot and in the sweetest little voice ever.

electric boogaloo said...

Kristi -

I think the thing that's so sweet about it is that it's just so darn civilized. He's advanced to the point that he's using language so sincerely to communicate "I am displeased". I love it.

Melliferous Pants said...

I could really go for a pot right now!

My brother-in-law taught my niece to say "NO WAY!" My sister isn't very happy about it...but it's damn cute.


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