6 eraser clappers:

Norma Shineynickels said...


My favorite parts:

1. At one point he looks down at his outfit and seems to think, "WTF am I wearing...oh...a pirate outfit...sweet."

2. The sneeze. "Thank you!"

ChiroMum said...

Laurel is in LOVE with that outfit...in fact, she ran for her own Pirate hat and danced along.

Animals need lollipop love to, especially rinos, pandas, and lions (and I loved the little roar he gave them!).

poopsy said...

norma - you like how i don't even mention that, like wearing a pirate costume just goes without mentioning.

chiro- that pirate costume has been quite a wise investment.

the animals are quite ferocious. rawr.

Anonymous said...

nothing like a tiny pirate singing the oldies. i like how he lets you know that he "likes lollipop" right in the middle of the song.

Anonymous said...

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