Brief Conversations with Violet

Me: Violet, you're playing that game in Spanish. Do you want me to switch it? V: "No. I don't speak English anymore"

While painting: "Purple and pink. That's called camouflage, right?"

V: "Mama, are you a girl?" Me: "Yes, are you?" V: "We're both girls, 'cause we have eyebrows. But robots don't have eyebrows."

As I was beautifying myself: V: "Mama, you look great." ...she presses her cheek to mine.... "You look just like me."

3 eraser clappers:

Miss Pants said...

Violet is pretty much awesome.

Anonymous said...

I have learned that our kids pretty much only speak the truth.

Ann said...

I love it. Hayden thinks we are girls because we have brown eyes. :)


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