The way Violet talks

Violet always has to have the final word on things, and she'll shut down the conversation to get it. I don't know that this will translate into the written word so well, but here it goes.

When she asks you to do something, she answers for you. Example:

"Violet watch a movie? You will? Great!"

When she corrects you, it goes like thus:

Say I tell her that a planet we're looking at is Neptune. She disagrees:

"Noooo! Not Neptuuuuune, the MOOOON, yeah, ok!"

3 eraser clappers:

Norma Shineynickels said...

What's funny about the way she talks, is that it sort of sounds the way Asian people learning English speak. The arrangement of the words and what not.

Ann said...

That cracks me up!!!! she is hilarious!

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