debut performance



(she looks like an oompah loompah because i filmed it sideways and rotated it. then youtube squished it.)

4 eraser clappers:

fat little pug said...

oh, he definitely won't like that. those were awesome, she's a great little chanteuse.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you let her get that close to those evil geese. =)

When I had Hailey there, I had to hold her back from practically jumping into the river. She doesn't understand the concept of "you can't go any further" yet.

sweetviolet said...

violet doesn't get the permeability of water. last time she threw in her necklace, and it went plop! no more necklace.

ChiroMum said...

Ok, I had Laurel on my lap yesterday to see, 'Her Friend Violet Flower (she's added the flower since we've been gardening and learning the names of flowers)', and we watched both videos NUMEROUS times. It is now referred to as the Violet Flower movie. You are infamous in our home.


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