potty adventures

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Anonymous said...

so, when do they actually WANT to try to sit on the potty? i know we've got a while to go yet but i just wonder when it will "click"?

hey, we miss you over at OUR BLOG, stop by sometime if you have a chance! =)

sweetviolet said...

we got violet a potty not too long ago and sat her on it. now she LOVES to sit on it before bath. just sit....

so really no click yet for her. i think it varies GREATLY from child to child.

Anonymous said...

i've been practicing the "mom is going POTTY" thing during the day. she just thinks it's funny and slams the bathroom door on me.

guess it's a lil' too early, huh?

sweetviolet said...

never hurts to introduce the concept. generally, they need to 1) ask to be changed
2) have a word for potty
3) go 2 hours between potties


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